Embody Your Higher Purpose

Holistic Healing Therapies Training


Through this training you will understand the true meaning of holistic balance.

You will learn how to apply it to your daily life and receive the tools to help others achieve this state of well-being.

Get certified in more than 12 different healing techniques and take your holistic practice to the next level.


Sound Healing Training


Sound therapy is based on the principle of resonance.

This principle states that a more intense and harmonious vibration will spread over a weaker, dissonant, or unhealthy one.
Vibratory waves have the ability to go beyond and cause a similar vibration in another body. Sound has an effect on our brain waves, helping us reach new levels of awareness, levels in which mystic states are possible.

The process makes us more receptive to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self-healing.


Healing Singing Training


Over the course of seven classes, you will learn to connect with your inner voice, to express yourself as of your own nature and transform the fears and insecurities that have held you back from singing.

Through pranayama, vocalization, and mantras as tools, you will learn to release vishuddha and harmonize with your voice.


Gaia Reiki Training


Reiki returns you as a practitioner to your original union with the cosmos and develops compassionate love.

Immerse yourself in a state of healing and silence, and get ready to provide sessions that will allow you to bring peace and wellness to those who need it.

Discover the sequences needed to radiate love and compassionate healing vibrations through your hands, all in this two-weekend intensive training.


Holistic Yoga Training

Awaken your inner guide.

A training specially designed for soul seekers and people with a desire to share from their own process of mastery and internal healing.

At Yoga Lamat, you will have the opportunity to discover your essence from which to teach in an authentic manner - with self-trust and giving yourself to each of your students’ unique process.

This program is the result of decades of experience. It will guide you into one of the most transformative processes of your life in a safe and welcoming environment.


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