The Encounter Between Two Souls

If we recognize love as the encounter between two souls, beyond sexuality, biology or our hormones, then we understand love as it really is; we open our wings, internalize life, and lovers become partners to our soul.

The day-to-day consumes us and isolates us without us even realizing it; which is why this workshop is the perfect space to reconnect, to find each other from the place of love and passion that unites us. More importantly, to show us, as a couple, how important we are to one another.

We will learn to express ourselves without words, because feeling is enough; listening and integrating, so that which we wish to express can flow from us towards the other person, reaching sacred sexuality; a loving, freeing and fulfilling dance.


1. Couple’s yoga sequence
2.Introductory relaxation sequence that integrates acupressure, shiatsu, reiki and Swedish massage
3. Guided meditation to open the heart
4. How to create the most adequate atmosphere towards a sacred space
5. Empathetic listening and group work
6. Exploring masculinity and femininity for a new understanding
7. Ancestral knowledge: 7 pieces of medical advice (based on evidence) to improve your life
8. Closing and celebration around the fire


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