Let the music from the soul allow your inner garden to blossom.

"Vuelo del Espíritu"
By Marianela Ortiz
Written by Ronald Esquivel


Gaia Tree

Album's review

Music for Tuning the Senses

For those of us who live from the perspective of the inner voyage, the music created by Marianela Ortiz and Alejandro Fernández, and compiled in the CD Gaia Tree, offers a very special kind of experience:  it opens the doors of inner sensitivity through the most exquisite type of tenderness, and in doing so, it brings hope to the world.

Alejandro's guitar and Marianela's voice speak of the nostalgia of the soul, but also of love, and both allow us to go deeper and deeper into the universe of meditation, which is also the universe of music, in order to feel a vibrant part of a magic whole.

Each piece, and Om Mani Padme Hum above all, conveys such tenderness, that it is impossible not to feel embraced by infinity; in other words, it is easy to feel sacredness flowing through our being, and then return to Life renewed and serene.

The music created by these artists means a lot to me:  it inspires me to put into words the indescribable experience of meditation.  I recommend it to anyone who wishes to gratify the dimension of the soul through sound, silence, and the celestial quality of a musical journey.

The closing song, Namaste-Inlakesh Alaken makes you dance in your soul, resounds in every cell of your being with all the joy one can possibly feel and, maybe because of this life force that it communicates, it seems as a bit too short, resembling water flowing every second, always present and always gone.

One feels compelled to listen to the whole album once again, to discover new sensations, to marvel once more with the quality of the singing and to surrender to the power that each of the mantras convey.  


- Priscilla Hine


"Singing is medicine for the soul, if it is also an offering we become healing for life"


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