Songs for the Soul

With Marianela Ortiz and Guest Musicians


In these healing spaces we gather to unite our voices and hearts through universal singing.

We embrace what makes us one and what makes us recognize the family of light that we are.

This has been a path of healing, transformation, and illumination that has fed, not just my being and heart my whole life, but many others’ as well.

In these circles we gather to find ourselves through our own voices, our gaze, and our hearts; leaving behind the beliefs that tear us apart.

The ego separates us from one another, from our power and from Mother Earth.

When we vibrate from the heart, we reflect its harmony through our emotions, thoughts, words, and the way we look at things.

Through Songs for the Soul, the ego is dissolved, the separation no longer exists – reconnecting one another through the frequency of love, thus creating a positive vibration for the world.

As a result, we come into our power, connecting with our natural state of peace, harmony, and wellness. We also go into a relaxed state of mind, connecting with our natural state of joy, silence, and awareness. We expand our light with no resistance, with total acceptance of who we are and share our gifts with the world with love and true passion.

Through unity we embrace joy, leaving our hearts full and leading us to inner silence: we are home.

We remember that love embraces everything that is and all that can be. Vibrating from that state, judgment, comparison, the beautiful, the unpleasant, the good and the bad vanish; leading us to a very deep space of healing, where the resistance and beliefs that didn’t allow us to sing, become a sacred space for the heart.

Our intention is to recall the high frequency that allows the sacred space of transformation, then take it to our lifestyle to touch other hearts.

These gatherings turn into a healing circle where everything that happens here, expands with light embracing Mother Earth.

Since emotions are moving energy, the more we share, the more we can feel it. One of the best ways to share and let go of emotions is by singing in these circles of Music from the Soul, to reclaim our inner melody and our heart’s devotion.

Our inspiration is to remember and do things to help you remember.

These sessions help us open our throat chakra, associated with light blue – it is our creative center, our self-expression, and allows to communicate our truth and the expression of our most genuine self.

"Singing is medicine for the soul, if it is also an offering we become healing for life"

We sing mantras, syllable sounds, phrases or texts in different languages, recite them repeatedly and rhythmically, bringing the body into a state of deep relaxation and the mind into one of concentration, known as dharana in Sanskrit.

Many mantras or chants have no real meaning in the rational state, so have no literal translation, but the intention with which we vibrate when chanting them is what generates changes in our cells.

Mantra sounds start resonating within, then the sounds, feelings, and intentions expand through our body, aided by the breath itself - becoming a powerful pranayama.

Chanting is sacred
when it arises from Love.

Chanting is aware
when it has an intention.

Chanting is a living being
when it arises from the soul.

Chanting is a perfect moment
when it is heard by the heart.

Let the sound penetrate
and allow the garden within you to flower¨.

- Francisco Ortiz

Immerse yourself in the ecstasy of the music. You know what you love.
Listen carefully to each note, each chord arising from silence, and you dissolve into it once again...

Vibrating and chanting for a period of time is considered reflexology for the palate, activating a healing current of vital energy. The movements of the tongue stimulate 84 meridian points on the upper palate, producing a direct effect on the brain and stimulating the hypothalamus and both hemispheres of the brain.

The pineal and the pituitary glands are activated, producing a change in the composition of the cerebrospinal fluid, segregating serotonin.

This increase in serotonin produces a feeling of wellbeing, relaxation, higher self-esteem and concentration.

The pineal gland vibrates, strengthening the immunological system and balancing the metabolism.

Through chanting, genes warning our mind and body of stress, are deactivated.

Music for the soul makes our heart strings vibrate and makes a chord resonate in our Soul.

We are music: our heartbeat is a rhythm track pulsing through our veins, our voice is the melody that resonates when we speak, our health is the harmony of our body and mind, and our breath is the silence allowing the body to rest.

The universe is sound, our bodies are orchestras that can be tuned and healed through conscious music, what we call Music for the Soul.

Music for the Soul is a space where chanting with Intention is the secret, intention is the energy behind sound. When we produce sound with awareness, the intention is coded in the sound, travels with it, and is received by the person that hears it or makes it.

Our body is %75 water and chanting with intention transforms and heals water crystals, not just in our physical body but in the entire world.

Silence is Gold.

We honor the silence between one sound and the next.

Silence is the yin of the yang that is sound, considered the opposite of sound and just as important.

Silence is the place that gives sound the opportunity to generate healing, it is the space where transformational work of the frequency takes place, and where change is produced - a powerful and sacred place that should be recognized and honored.

Silence and sound work together in unison and both must be honored and used for healing and transformation.


The conscious sounds we make, help our bodies release different chemical substances and hormones such as dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins. Many of these neurochemical substances alleviate pain and can make us feel very relaxed.

It is common for tears to accompany these workshops or sessions as part of the healing process, they flow when we reconnect with something we were missing, something we had lost – this is known as the pain of reencounter. We don't realize what we have lost until we get it back, the sacred connection with ourself, welcome home...

And so it is...

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