Join me in a training that will allow you to achieve deeper understanding of what Holistic Balance is.

You will learn how to attain it in your daily life and receive the necessary tools to help other people achieve this state of well-being as well.

Get certified in:

  • Holistic anatomy: theory to understand the human body’s normal functions, with an emphasis on the most relevant information towards maintaining holistic balance.
  • Holistic conversation and listening: basic principles and simple techniques on how talk within a transformation framework, truly grasping the client’s message.
  • Stress, depression and anxiety management: principles to understand, liberate and transform these situations into positive vibrations.
  • Aromatherapy: theory and use of 8 therapeutic grade essential oils, which generate physical, mental and emotional balance.
  • Aromatherapy: This technique helps lower stress levels, strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammatory processes, eliminate toxins and helps the body achieve optimum balance. The use of these eight essential oils in balancing the eight emotional states and five energetic lines for their application.
  • Bach Flowers: floral therapy, 38 flower remedies related to different emotional states with the goal of empowering people to achieve the changes they wish for themselves, allowing them to improve their lives and align them to their soul’s truest calling.
  • Bionutrition: nutritional program created based on the physical constitution, objectives and needs of every person, founded on conscious eating.
  • Oceanic massage: holistic therapeutic massage combining Swedish and Californian traditions. Its main objective is to eliminate toxins, reduce tensions, and reaffirm muscles and joints. Its tonifying and relaxing effect favors blood and lymphatic circulation, which also helps the body regain its natural balance.
  • Acupressure: Through acupressure, magnets and moxa, vital energy is balanced. This vital energy flows through our twelve meridians or energetic nadis, its corresponding organs and related emotions. Learn how to keep them in balance and in harmony with the rest of the body.
  • Shiatsu: a manual therapy of Japanese origin that consists of applying pressure with fingers and the heels of the hand in areas all over the body, following the energetic channels’ flow. This is combined with passive stretching.
  • Therapeutic sounds: emission of high vibration frequency sounds in order to open profound blockages, to transform these blocks into free-flowing energy and awaken dormant genetic codings.
  • Gaia Reiki Level 1: a return to the original union with the cosmos and development of compassionate love through bioenergetic balance.
  • Use of therapeutic instruments: Learn about the use of diverse instruments with which to complement other therapies.
  • Some of the instruments used are: Koshi, wind chimes, cymbals, Luo Feng (gong).


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