Remember. Release. Renew.

Awake the joy of feeling alive, replenished and inspired for life


Retreat in paradise

Join me in paradise in Costa Rica to reset and connect with the next level of your life and receive the tools to create it.

Through my different retreats you will find an opportunity to:

  • Uncomplicate your life, replacing the beliefs that limit you with ones that liberate you.
  • Cleanse your vital energy channels from the old toxins that prevent you from easily accessing states of inner happiness and clarity.
  • Light up the flame of your creative force.
  • Listen and empower your soul's calling.
  • Tap into your authentic self and let go of the masks that you believe are "protecting" you.
  • Discover how to use meditation as a tool for mental, physical and emotional clarity to find the answers within.
  • Enjoy vibrant food and activities in nature that connect you with the joy for the little things.
  • Connect with a group of beautiful people while immersed in lush and paradisiac locations




"Marianela's retreats are a very involved experience. It is more than physical, it’s emotional and energetic. You come out feeling like a brand new person!"

Keelan Cunningham


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