The Power of Vibration: Sound & Healing



“For all of human history, we have used music for celebration, story-telling, communication, authentic expression, traditional ceremony, and even as a tool for healing. Whether we are musically inclined or not, music is central to who we are as conscious humans.“


What is Sound Therapy?

We all have experienced how a certain piece of music can set the mood, and how sound can create a distinct atmosphere. From a heart-pumping track to get you moving at the gym, a soft piano melody over dinner with someone special, to immediately being brought back to a vivid & special memory... all from a childhood song on the radio.

"Sound healing is a practice where a trained practitioner employs the use of musical arrangement, singing bowls, wind chimes, voice & chanting, percussion, tuning forks, vibroacoustic speakers, sound tubes, and other special instruments to place clients into an altered & positive state. The use of specific methods produces positive brainwavesall with the aim to improve the health, well being, and lives of their patients."


Good Vibrations & The Science:

We live in an exciting time where science and spirituality are finally coming together to further our understanding of the human condition.

For example, we now know ancient methods of healing through sound & music work not because of “magic”... but from our understanding of physics, acoustic vibrations, and the role of energy in all matter.

In recent neurological studies*,  it has been proven that music and sound have a major impact on both our brains and bodies.

This is because listening to music and the right sounds flood our brains with dopamine….the pleasure, motivation, and reward chemical. Positive sound and specific frequencies also release oxytocin, a natural painkiller, and a hormone that allows us to bond with others. (the same chemical is released when humans embrace each other!)

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Treatment Examples:

Sound healing therapy can dramatically improve a wide range of challenges a struggling patient may face.  Including the psychological, emotional, spiritual, physical, social, mental, and human connection vital to our well being.

  • Depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health issues.
  • Stress & pain management.
  • Clearing energetic and spiritual blockages.
  • Clarity and balance.
  • Improved memory and concentration.
  • Improved sleep.
  • A stronger immune system.
  • Improved creativity & direction.
  • Heightened awareness, both of the self and the environment
  • Connecting with the true self.
  • Creating & strengthening a community.



The Experience:

Sound therapy treatments are a passive and participatory experience. They can also be experienced as a community!
By slowing our breath, laying in a comfortable position, and creating the right conditions for an optimal experience….the practitioner leads participants to an altered positive you prepare yourself to become the receiver of healing sound and vibrational transformation.

Through the diverse frequency spectrum, musical overtones, enchanting harmonies and various timbres of sound, many people find inner peace and healing through the transformative experience.

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*Clarke, D (2011) Music, phenomenology, time consciousness: meditations after Husserl. In Clarke, Dand Clarke, E. (2011) Music and Consciousness, philosophical, psychological and cultural perspectives. Oxford University Press: Oxford 



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