Sound Healing Training Recap -
A soul-soothing experience in Costa Rica

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Walking into the magic world of therapeutic sound accelerates all the healing processes in our lives. This can be either in our physical, mental or emotional realm. 

Each sound has the attribute of getting to the different fibers and tissues of our bodies. Each vibration has the capacity of softening blocked emotions and helping them flow to relieve discomfort. They both come in as sea waves that provide balance to our energetic bodies. 


The last 2 weekends of November 2019 were just amazing, I facilitated one my favorite certifications in Cala Luna Hotel, Playa Langosta.



Guanacaste is just a magical place to receive any type of holistic training. It always gives us the possibility of entering a space of bliss, peace of mind and most important of all: openness. 



This Sound Healing Certification  is not just based on the curriculum of the Institute of Sound Therapy, it is also infused with many healing techniques that compliment this therapy in amazing ways. We go beyond the Tibetan Bowls as sound healing instruments.


Each participant gives the therapy and receives it... It is a soul southing experience!


In every training, we learn how to use all the different sound therapy instruments, what their diverse purposes and benefits are, plus the protocols for group sound massage and individual sessions. 


In this past training I was able to meet beautiful and very special people. Open and receptive and completely surrendered to the learning process which also comes with trusting, receiving, accepting, transforming, softening hard shells, letting go of the old and opening up to the new. 


Click here to find out how you can become a Sound Healer in Costa Rica!


In these trainings I always intend to hold a sacred space that allows my students to set and fulfill their intentions in a more conscious and grounded way. I believe this is part of what makes every training, a transformational self-discovery experience.


That’s the reason I feel so excited to share these delicious moments of absolute healing with all of you and invite you to reach out to learn, how can you join us on upcoming dates.


I am extremely happy to share and savor these delicious moments of life with my light family! 


- Marianela 


PS: Registration is now open for the upcoming Sound Healing International Certification in San José at OmPrem Studio. 


PS2: I will also be facilitating a Sound Healing Immersion alongside Ramji Singh from the Institute of Sound Healing, at Blue Spirit Nosara. Will you join us?


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